We all have different thresholds for stress, a totally different number of straws that it takes to break the camel’s back. Some individuals tend to take on so much but sweep the emotions of it all under the rug and totally crumble when things get to be too much. For these individuals it is vital to learn stress management techniques and practice making time in the midst of all the stress to actually manage it.

Physiologically, when our body is under stress we tense our muscles and breath heavily but a manifestation of stress that is one the rise is gastrointestinal issues. When stress manifests in this way it may be with or without overt feelings of anxiety, distress, or anger. When we don’t find ways to manage the cognitive and physiological symptoms of stress we put ourself at risk more severe physical (heart problems, high blood pressure, lower immune system, skin problems, pain, diabetes, infertility) and more severe emotional problems (depression, anxiety, substance use)

No matter what age and stage of life you are at there are tons of fun, quick, and relaxing stress management skills to add into your daily routine that can have you back on track and a little more clear headed in just a few minutes.

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