Kaylee Simon, LCSW

Hi there, it is so great to meet you! My name is Kaylee Simon and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

As a therapist, I take a trauma-informed, holistic and collaborative approach to supporting my clients by really understanding various factors at play and the importance of working together to create change. I take a curious and compassionate approach and work with my clients and families to develop a treatment plan that will best fit their specific needs. I do this by using various evidenced based practice that are proven effective at treating various challenges we are met with as humans. In addition to cognitive and psychodynamic approaches, I love to integrate more creative modalities such as play, art, and body based interventions.

I have become passionate about working with teens and supporting them through this exciting but challenging developmental phase of life. I also love working with children and adapting interventions to make them fun and interesting while helping them learn about their mind and how it works.

My goal is to help my clients heal from their pain, improve coping, and empower them to develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills to flourish throughout their lives. Since sharing our stories can feel intimidating, it is extremely important to me that I create a safe, nurturing, and nonjudgmental space for all of my clients to feel comfortable. I enjoy getting to know my clients and finding helpful ways to engage them based on their unique interests, strengths, and personalities.

Regardless of where you or your child may be in your healing process, my hope is that, through therapy, we can achieve an even greater sense of healing and peace. I am excited to work with you and look forward to hearing your story