Life is truly a series of transitions and adjustments. For those who don’t handle change well this can be particularly difficult. These individuals tend to avoid anything that takes them out of their comfort zone. Despite attempts at avoiding change there are many things that happen that are just simply out of our control.

Loss of a loved one: The loss of a loved one may be one of the most difficult things we experience. Many factors impact the grieving process and may lead to complicated bereavement which may be similar to and even be classified as depression. When depressive symptoms play a role individuals end up disconnecting more and more from the things that we know to be helpful in coping with loss.

Divorce/Breakups: Again, depending on many situational details breakups and divorces can have significant impacts on individuals and even more so, when children are involved. The most difficult part becomes taking care of yourself and your own process while balancing that with the needs of you children during a time filled with confusion and uncertainty.

Blended Families: Blending families are a challenge no matter what the specific circumstances are. The process of blending families is a significant change for all involved and must be handled with a high level of care and understanding in order for everyone to adapt as successfully as possible.

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