Indecisiveness is extremely common when setting out to choose a career path. There are so many things to consider and the job market is tougher than it’s ever been. Even with a college degree finding a job that you like can be quite the challenge. This confusion can lead to patterns of avoidance and moving further and further away from the life you want for yourself. Anxiety and depression are common experiences which may either trigger these this type of identity confusion or the uncertainty about the might trigger symptoms of anxiety and/or depression.

Some individuals are set on certain career paths which are heavily influenced by those around them. This may mean taking over the family business or going to law school because that’s what the three generations before you did. Although some people wish they had this type of influence or setup, those who do understand that it holds its own set of challenges.

Working on professional and career concerns is a multifaceted process which involves getting to know the person’s true self/identity, understanding their values and experiences, activating behavior in the direction of opportunities in line with these things, and identifying thoughts which impact their struggles to move forward. My approach to working on these struggles can be described as integrating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with exercises and skills from Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT).

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