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Hi, I’m Dr. Jodi!
Thanks so much for stopping by to learn more about our practice. 
I began my private practice journey in 2015 and I am thrilled and grateful for our growth over the past five years. I have given much thought to what led to this thriving practice and have come to understand what truly sets Tides Wellness apart. 
There are a couple of important pieces that together created successful therapy outcomes. 
I am thrilled to have created a staff that are wonderful and authentic human beings. Although providing a safe space and an empathic relationship to our clients is of utmost importance, this alone is not enough. It is crucial that we provide treatments that work, treatments that are based on research and studies and treatment modalities that help get people better faster. I am proud to see that as group we take pride in continuing to learn and grow through training, certifications, consultation, and anything else we can do to immerse ourself in best practices. 
This together with authentic human connection allows us to provide the best support to our clients and families.

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