Identify issues arise when people have ongoing struggles with aspects of who they are. Identity is comprised of our gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, competence, education, and many other experiences which shape us into who we are. Identity struggles are most common during adolescence when teens are trying on different hats to see what fits. However, often times teens may adopt an identity and later in life have regrets about their choices. Unfortunately adopting an identity comes with consequences which include people’s reactions and judgments. Some teens and young adults would rather avoid that at all costs but may later realized that they aren’t fulfilled with who they are or the life they have created.

Common identity concerns that lead people to seek therapy include gender identity, sexual identity, and racial/ethnic identity which is especially common during the process of acculturation. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy assists individuals in identifying thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that in their current state, are maintaining and exacerbating various identity struggles. Incorporating skills from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy helps client to make progress towards finding their true self.

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